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Animal Sacrifice

Ebo Eje

Animal sacrifice and its usefulness in spiritual operations is at the center of Yoruba belief. It is understandably a controversial matter and certainly not for everyone. The notion of animal sacrifice and its incorporation into spiritual life varies between cultures. It's interesting how as globalized as the world is and all the modes of spiritual practice contained therein, if you mention the term Santeria, it is immediately equated with animal sacrifice. Fascinating when you consider how many other cultures across the globe incorporate animal sacrifice into their modes of worship. A practice commonly seen in Nepal, Tibet, India, the Philippines, Israel, Morocco and a slew of other countries. In the United States laws concerning animal sacrifice varies from state to state and is enforced in accordance with regional health codes. The transportation of farm animals into an urban environment is usually frowned upon by major cities. Animals such as pheasants and fowls are easily attained and enforcement concerning these animals is less rigid. The position on this matter on the federal level is one of the First Amendment specifically freedom of religion; upheld specifically in the 1980s case concerning the Church of Lukumi versus state of Florida, Hialeah.

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